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  • 200 Amp High Definition Plasma
  • 180 Tonne Roller
  • 20' x 20' Powder Coating Booth
    & Oven
  • 120 Tonne Iron Worker

These additions have just made us that much more versatile.


  • Manufacturing of leak free closed transformer shells
  • Fabricating of enclosures for electrical components

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Falcon Machining & Fabrication has the ability for production of CNC milling, CNC turning, assembly, design for manufacturing and quick turn prototype machining to ensure accuracy and success.

Ultra Precision CNC Machining, our one stop Machine Shop solution. We perform true/continuously variable 4 Axis precision machining including contour work. Complex geometrical shapes and surfaces (i.e. Tauric Curvatures) generation is no problem for us.

Our manufacturing engineers and machinists are well versed in CNC Milling, Wire EDM, RAM/Plunge EDM, Precision CNC Turning, Grinding, Lapping and Fixture design. We thrive on challenging opportunities.

CNC Machining Specifications:

Machinery Nakamura Tome Super Turn 5
 Machine dimension less optional chip conveyor (LxWxD)

F-11TA (3430 x 2100 x 2270 mm)


(135.00 in. x 82.7 in. x 89.4 in.)


F-10TF (3430 x 1930 x 2270 mm)


(135.0 in. x 76.0 in. x 89.4 in.)

Round collect capacity 80mm (3.15 in.)
Chuck diameter 12 in. (OP. 15 in.)
Swing over front doors 670mm (26.37 in.)
Swing over slide covers 780mm (30.71 in.)
Swing over bed 860mm (33.86 in.)
Swing over saddle 520mm (20.47 in.)
Max. Turning dia. Toolings limited 465mm (18.31 in.)
Max. Turning length 550mm (21.65 in.)
Distance between man spindle nose and turret face Max. 800mm (31.50 in.)
  Min. 210mm (8.27 in.)
Milling Centre  
Machinery Darbert V-Tec 4
Longitudinal Travel (X) 1020mm 40 in.
Cross Travel (Y) 510mm 20 in.
Headstock (Z) 635mm 25 in.
Spindle Nose to Table 105mm-740mm 0.4 in. - 29 in.
Length 1220mm 48 in.
Center Distance 160mm 6.29 in.
Max. Table Load 800kg 1760 lbs
Spindle Speeds 30-7500rpm 30-10000rpm OP.
Transmission 2 speed
Spindle Nose NT-40 Taper
Tool Holder BT40
Tool Storage Capacity 24
Max Tool Ö x L Ö90mm x L300mm Ö3.5 in. x L12 in.
Tool Selection Bi-Direction
Base Space 4000mm x 3000mm (160 in. x 120 in.)
Controller FANUC

We offer true translation of our CAD drawings into our CAM system.

Please send us your .IGS or .DXF files. If you use AutoCAD, we would be able to use .DXF output files for manufacturing or .DWG files for review. We can also work with SolidWorks files. Please let us know your preferences and our manufacturing engineers would be happy to assist you.

If you have a project, which is difficult to translate onto paper and needs complex machining, we can offer you our expertise from CAD to CAM to micron accuracy CNC Work.

Wire EDM Machining
Wire EDM work is our specialty; particularly 4 Axis Wire EDM work.

Our Wire EDM Machining department has a positive pressure airflow system to maintain a room temperature within +/- 0.5 degrees during critical processes. The EDM Machining area is more like a clean room, than a machine shop. Of course, it is our experienced workforce, which makes the otherwise impossible possible by extending these highly accurate EDM machines past the limits of the manufacturer’s tolerances. If you are looking for some one to make the “almost impossible to make” component with EDM Machining, we would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your needs. In order to achieve micron tolerances, we limit our EDM work envelop to : X:12 in., Y:9 in., Z:10 in..

If you need truly close tolerances, it truly is what we do best.  To find out about the EDM Machining services offered, please contact us.

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